HSC 2023-24 | The Director’s Vision

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(3 hours)
In Person
at Belvoir
$65.00 per student (Booking fees apply)

Introduction to the Director’s Vision

IP: Critical Analysis (Director’s Folio)
IP: Design (Costume)
IP: Design (Lighting)
IP: Design (Promotion and Program)
IP: Design (Set)

Suitable for students commencing their HSC in Term Four 2023, embarking on their HSC Drama in one of the following Individual Projects which require a rationale as a directorial concept.

This workshop was held on Sun 12 November.

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    About this workshop

    Explore techniques for building a creative and well-considered directorial interpretation and vision for a text. In this workshop series students will learn how to analyse and distil themes from the central action of the drama and build a world for the play relevant to their project.

    This directing workshop explores skills to analyse, imagine and communicate their vision. During the series students will be introduced to:

    • How to approach a new text and choose the play that is right for them
    • The process of breaking down a script to find themes and central action
    • Role of research, scene breakdowns and world-building
    • Tools available to a director or designer when creating a consistent and coherent interpretation of the text.

    This workshop is intended to help you create your directorial concept/vision and work towards applying skills to your chosen play from the list of prescribed texts through practical exploration of directing and designing techniques, guided by a Belvoir artist. Artists delivering this workshop will not be providing guidance on specifics of the HSC requirement. For information on assessment requirements for your project you should consult your teacher.

    TO PREPARE: Participants will need:

    • bottle of water
    • writing tools of choice – paper & pen or pencil, on-screen writing program (i.e Word, Google Docs, etc.)