For Artists

The Artistic and Programming Department is on the lookout year-round for artists and work for our two theatres at Belvoir St.

We have no rules about where our work comes from – it could be from a conversation we overhear in a pub, or it could be a project we have been developing for several years. Either way, the key for us is to have relationships with as many smart, adventurous, rigorous and foolhardy artists as we sensibly can, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

To do that, we see shows and showings, hold workshops, host forums, accept scripts and pitches, take meetings, travel the country, listen to the grapevine, and have lots of conversations with lots of people. If your work excites us, we will begin a conversation about how we might be able to support your ideas through to production.

We are also looking to nurture creatives from Indigenous and culturally diverse backgrounds who have the potential to take on positions of cultural leadership.

Each year we produce 8–9 Upstairs shows and around 5 Downstairs shows. We produce a lot of this work ourselves, but we also work with other companies to co-present or co-produce. If you are interested in working with us, email Dom Mercer, our Artistic Associate, and set up a meeting with one of the Artistic and Programming staff.

Upstairs is our mainstage – a big, difficult, wonderful corner space which has been home to landmark Australian theatre for three decades and counting.

Downstairs is for striking out on new adventures in content and form. It is a small but expansive space that can handle everything from Beckett’s talking mouth in Not I to a whole Shakespeare. It is an opportunity for established artists to enjoy some intimacy and for new artists to think big.

The Belvoir Artist Workshop

This year Belvoir is launching a new annual program that offers emerging artists two of the things they need most: space to work and a community of artists.

The Belvoir Artist Workshop is a year-long opportunity for 12 theatre artists from across Sydney.  The purpose is to give you a way to practice your craft, to think big, and to collaborate with other artists.

More information can be found here.

Inviting Us to See Your Work

The best way for us to get to know your work is to see it on its feet, so it is a good idea to let us know when you have a show, a reading or a workshop happening.

You can invite the Artistic Director and the Artistic and Programming staff by emailing our Artistic Associate Dom Mercer who keeps a record of all the invites and helps organise the chaos. If you like, you can also drop an email to individual staff. We cannot see everything, but we get close.

Using the Downstairs Theatre

Our Downstairs Belvoir season doesn’t fill the theatre year-round, so the space is available throughout the year for independent producers and companies. We can accommodate all sorts of requests. Email our Artistic Associate Dom Mercer, for more information.

Please note that the Downstairs theatre will only be made available to groups who can pay artists at Equity rates.