HSC 2023-24 | Costume Design

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In Person
Saturday 18 November 2023
1pm – 4pm
At Belvoir
$65.00 per student (Booking fees apply)
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Introduction to Costume Design

IP: Design (Costume)

Suitable for students commencing their HSC in Term Four 2023, embarking on their HSC Drama Individual Project: Design (Costume)

Designer Imogen Ross explores the essential principles of costume design and offers starting points for theatre in relation to approaching the individual project.

This design workshop includes practical activities and gives students the chance to examine a professional costume designer’s portfolio. During the workshop students will be introduced to the:

  • process of designing costumes from initial design ideas to the final costume on stage,
  • elements that make an effective costume design,
  • role of costume design in the overall production,
  • tools available to the costume designer: line, colour and texture.

This workshop is intended to help you create design concepts through costume theory and a practical exploration of design techniques, guided by a Belvoir artist. Artists delivering this workshop will not be providing guidance on specifics of the HSC Individual Project (IP) requirements. For information on assessment requirements for your project you should consult your teacher.

In person Workshop

Digital Workshop

Due to low bookings we are currently only offering the in-person delivery mode.

Choose your delivery mode

In person

You can choose to visit us at Belvoir (Sat 18 Nov).

These two sessions are similar, but not the exact same due to the nature of the online interaction. They will cover much of the same content.

Our Digital Workshop is offered to provide access to Regional and rural students. Where travel to Belvoir is possible we recommend joining our In Person workshop.

  • In Person Workshop

    Held in our Rehearsal Rooms at Belvoir

    TO PREPARE: Participants will need:

    • bottle of water
    • writing tools of choice – paper & pen or pencil, on-screen writing program (i.e Word, Google Docs, etc.)
    • a pair of scissors
    • glue stick
    • colour making tools of choice (e.g. markers, pencils, crayons)

    Held online via Zoom
    Log in details are sent to participants on the day of the workshop

    TO PREPARE: Participants will need:

    • bottle/glass of water
    • a clear, flat space on which to do writing and drawing activities during the workshop
    • writing tools of choice – paper & pen or pencil, on-screen writing program (i.e Word, Google Docs, etc.)
    • a pair of scissors
    • glue stick
    • a stack of A4 paper
    • colour making tools of choice (e.g. markers, pencils, crayons)

    SET UP: Participants should:

    • make sure you have a comfortable seat and a flat surface to write or draw on
    • use your real name on the Zoom platform, not a nick name
    • keep microphones on mute until it is your turn to contribute
    • be set up in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and other people will not appear in frame during the workshop
    • have all materials ready in their workspace when the workshop commences
    • leave meeting at the end of the workshop
    • printed materials (these will be emailed to you after you have booked you place)

Unable to attend in person? Please submit your expression of interest for Digital options in the form below.

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