Promotional Design

Belvoir produces a variety of collateral for each production. We work closely with a graphic design company, Alphabet Studio, in designing and producing all our marketing materials and programs.

Posters, Programs and Postcards

Each show has a consistent design that runs across the materials for marketing and promoting the production.

Posters are created for many shows and can be found pasted in high traffic areas, on the back of taxis, out the front of the theatre (known as ‘Hoarding’) and inside the theatre foyer.

Postcards used to be created for every show. These were often displayed in local businesses, cafes, handed to schools or in the foyer. Postcards give the key information about the show to encourage people to book a ticket, and are tactile and small enough to take home with them.

Programs or Daybills are created for when the show is on. These tell an audience member all about the show, who created it, who is performing and some extra context about the production.

Examples of Belvoir Street Posters

Programs & Daybills

Belvoir creates a program or daybill for every show in the Upstairs theatre. In 2021 we shifted to a digital daybill which patrons can access via a QR code when they attend the production.

Take a look at the below materials from FANGIRLS. A program was created for the original 2019 production, and a daybill was created for the return season in 2021.

Style & Branding

Belvoir Logo

The Belvoir logo has a fun history. The logo includes an image of a horse, but it could also be thought of as a chair with a boot on it. Like theatre, this image represents how we create meaning through performance and imagination. The logo has a name which was selected as part of a competition – Troy.

The logo is used with the company name ‘BELVOIR’ on the left side. The logo is used with either two contrasting colours, or with transparent text.

A wooden chair sits on a stage, with a black gumboot on its back. The silhouette resembles a "troy horse"

If you would like to use the Belvoir logo for your project, you can request the logo files using the form below. For educational use only.

Request Logo

    Style Guide for Students

    For students focusing on Belvoir for their individual project, more detail about Belvoir style guidelines and the types of marketing materials we produce is available below.

    Digital Media

    Contemporary promotion for theatre occurs predominantly online. Although theatre is an in-person, ephemeral experience, people hear about what they want to see through digital advertising and social media.

    Take a look at our Social Media accounts for an insight in the day-to-day of Promotional Design for theatre.

    Season Trailer (2021)

    For many of the seasons, and for some productions we create trailers which give a look, feel and sound for what to expect if you come to the shows at Belvoir.

    The Making of Counting & Cracking (2019)

    Behind the scenes and interviews with Casts ad creatives give audiences an insight into a production and might inspire them to come and see the show.

    The Boomkak Panto Vox Pop (2021)

    A Vox Pop is a type of video which is an interview of people in the audience. You don’t hear any interviewer, but hear the response.

    This name of this video style, “Vox Pop” is from the Latin “Vox Populi”, meaning “Voice of the People”.