How does a human being go on living after the unimaginable?

A plague has stricken the city, and King Oedipus believes he is the cause. He lives out the remainder of his days as a blind man, shamed and in exile.

In the intimacy of the Downstairs Theatre, Adena JacobsOedipus Rex is a lament and a powerful expression of tragedy for a modern audience – an invitation to bear witness to a man, who was once a king, now reconstructing the pieces.

This visually bold, immersive theatrical event features the extraordinary Peter Carroll as Oedipus.


Peter Carroll
Andrea Demetriades


Director Adena Jacobs
Designer & Dramaturg Paul Jackson
Composer & Sound Designer Max Lyandvert
Design Associate Emma Kingsbury
Director’s Attachment Robert Johnson
Stage Manager Elizabeth Rogers




Carroll offers a gripping and bravely vulnerable performance that makes extant Oedipus’s searing pain.

John Shand | The Sydney Morning Herald

There is not a moment in this production that does not resonate richly for those who know the original work. The final scenes — in which Jacobs brings together brilliantly all the elements of her finely crafted production, and lets the tragedy of it all simply wind back down into life — are profoundly moving.

John McCallum | The Australian

This is what theatre should be – powerful, dangerous, beautiful.

Harriet Cunningham | The Sun-Herald