The Dog
/ The Cat

By Brendan CowellLally Katz
Director Ralph Myers

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 18 June – 9 August 2015

    Xavier Samuel (Adore, Fury, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) is one of a cohort of talented Australian actors making big waves in Hollywood – now he’s come home to make his Belvoir debut in our Downstairs Theatre with Andrea Demetriades (Janet King ABC1) and Benedict Hardie (The Water Diviner). We’re excited!

    You’ve been telling us: We want ROMANCE! With COMEDY! We want ROMANTIC COMEDY! Well, here you have it. Not one but two. On the same night! Two interconnected tales of true love and stupidity from two of the hottest playwrights around.

    The Dog
    It could be called Two Men, One Woman, a Park and a Dog – and everyone knows that nothing breaks the ice like a cute dog. Brendan Cowell’s (Ruben Guthrie, The Sublime) funny new play paints a not-so-flattering portrait of the tricky line between mateship and romance, and of the insatiable appetite of Jack Russell terriers for the most disgusting things they can find.

    The Cat
    Katz on cats: Owning a cat is not easy. Co-owning a cat with your ex is less easy. Co-owning a smart-talking, irritable, meddling cat with your ex is comedy. If this sounds to you like the kind of thing Lally Katz (Stories I Want to Tell You in Person, Neighbourhood Watch) should write, you’re right. There is no-one else who does charming, funny and unlikely quite like Katz.


    The Dog by Brendan Cowell
    The Cat by Lally Katz
    Director Ralph Myers
    Set & Costume Designer Ralph Myers
    Co-Costume Designer Mel Page
    Composer & Sound Designer Stefan Gregory
    Associate Composer & Sound Designer Riley McCullagh
    Lighting Associate Brittany Jones
    Stage Manager Mel Dyer


    Andrea Demetriades
    Benedict Hardie
    Xavier Samuel

    Rehearsal images by Brett Boardman
    Production images by Brett Boardman

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