Stories I Want to
Tell You in Person

By Lally Katz
Director Anne-Louise Sarks

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 18 Apr – 26 May 2013

    A co-production with Malthouse Theatre

    On the one hand, Lally Katz has been writing the funniest and most original plays in the country for the last decade – Neighbourhood Watch, for example. On the other hand, Katz, Oscar Wilde-like, has been putting her genius into her life and only her talent into her work. Now the inevitable moment has come when the two must collide.

    The thing is – and this is a true story – Katz was supposed to write us a play about a fortune teller. But she spent her commission (and then some) actually going to a fortune teller. In New York. More than once. This is the story of what Katz has been doing instead of writing a play. It features Katz, on her own, as herself, embroiled in a tale of art, love, money, shoes, and the apocalypse (of course).

    Anyone who’s met her will know that the word ‘irrepressible’ has nothing on Katz, even at her quietest. She makes chaos charming and catastrophe positively exuberant. She likes to be laughed at, and her method is to talk first and think later. Anything could happen. Seriously. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. It’s Lally Katz!

    Lally has performed hit seasons of this show in Sydney, Melbourne, New York City, Albury-Wodonga, Mexico and Adelaide! Read some reviews here


    By Lally Katz
    Director Anne-Louise Sarks
    Set & Costume Designer Ralph Myers
    Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
    Composer & Sound Designer Max Lyandvert
    Stage Managers Amy Morcom, Grace Nye-Butler
    Production Manager Glenn Dulihanty


    Lally Katz


    Rehearsal images by Heidrun Lohr
    Production images by Heidrun Lohr

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