By Rita Kalnejais Director Eamon Flack

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 11 Feb – 18 Mar 2012

    A group of more or less ordinary Sydneysiders go about their lives: Anna makes toast, Henry dresses for work, Milla catches the train to school, Moses deals drugs – that kind of thing. But hovering above this unholy parade of life is the sobering fact that Milla will die before her 15th birthday.

    Rita Kalnejais is a young playwright of uncommon genius. She looks at the humdrum world around us and sees something radically alive. Dogs, Paganini, figs, an eight-year-old Vietnamese violin prodigy, morphine, clear skies and a Latvian immigrant are amongst the magnificent conflagration of ingredients which make up this wonderful, funny play. Written specially for Belvoir, its theme is what Rita calls the violent sweetness of life.

    Eamon Flack (The End, As You Like It) directs a play of unexpected brilliance about that very old and almost forgotten quality of life: grace.


    By Rita Kalnejais
    Director Eamon Flack
    Set Designer Robert Cousins
    Costume Designer Alice Babidge
    Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti
    Composer Alan John
    Sound Designer Steve Francis
    Assistant Director Kit Brookman
    Stage Manager Luke McGettigan
    Assistant Stage Manager Liz Astey


    Kathryn Beck
    Helen Buday
    David Carreon
    Sean Chu
    Russell Dykstra
    Eamon Farren
    Greg Stone
    Sara West


    Rehearsal images by Heidrun Lohr
    Production images by Heidrun Lohr


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