HSC | Playwriting

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9.00am – 12.00pm
Saturday 13 November 2021
Online via Zoom
$65.00 per student (Booking fees apply)
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IP: Scriptwriting / Major Work: Script – Drama

Suitable for students embarking on their HSC Drama Individual Project: Scriptwriting and HSC English Extension 2 Major Work: Script – Drama.

Playwright Kendall Feaver (My Brilliant Career) will unpack the theory and practice of writing a play. Students will learn key ideas about structure, story and character development. The workshop includes practical activities in playwriting, giving students the opportunity to work with a playwright to shape ideas. During the workshop students will explore:hsc

  • Principles of dramatic action
  • Strategies for bringing characters to life
  • Writing dialogue
  • Approaches to redrafting and structure
  • Rehearsal room techniques for honing the draft

This workshop is intended to help you create your own text through a practical exploration of script writing, guided by a Belvoir artist. Artists delivering this workshop will not be providing guidance on specifics of the HSC requirement. For information on your practical exam you should consult your teacher


Held online via Zoom
Log in details are sent to participants on the day of the workshop

TO PREPARE: Participants will need:

  • bottle/glass of water
  • a clear, flat space on which to do writing activities during the workshop
  • writing tools of choice – paper & pen or pencil, on-screen writing program (i.e Word, Google Docs, etc.)

SET UP: Participants should:

  • make sure you have a comfortable seat and a flat surface to write or draw on
  • use your real name on the Zoom platform, not a nick name
  • keep microphones on mute until it is your turn to contribute
  • be set up in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and other people will not appear in frame during the workshop
  • have all materials ready in their workspace when the workshop commences
  • leave meeting at the end of the workshop