Set Design

Before a set is made for a production a set designer creates a design for a model box built to the scale of the theatre. Usually this model box is exactly 25 times smaller than the real size of the theatre. The purpose of this step in the design process is to give the creative and production team a chance to review the design before it is constructed. The model box provides specific information about texture, materials, look and detail of a set.

Model Boxes

Downstairs Theatre images by Various Designers


Designing and creating the mural for The Boomkak Panto (2021).
Set Designer Michael Hankin

Building the set for And They Called Him Mr Glamour (2011) by Co-designers Thomas M. Wright & Peter Trott and Lighting Designer Govin Ruben

The set in action for The Wizard of Oz (2015).
Set Designer Ralph Myers
Costume Designer Kate Davis


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