Welcome to Yarramadoon. A semi-rural town just off the M5, with by far the highest rate of both teen pregnancy and sinkholes in Australia. Set in history’s most awkward decade, the 2000s, when jean shorts were at their baggiest, there’s nothing for 16-year-old Shelly to do but wait for the internet to dial up and dream of a bigger life outside her shitty town.

She fantasises of a job making frappuccinos in the big smoke, a sweet boyfriend with frosted tips, and one day owning a flip phone. But while waiting for the only bus out of town, a local old man tries to convince her to stay, by revealing the true and magical history of Yarramadoon.


Hannah Reilly
Eliza Reilly
Matt Predny


Written and Directed by Hannah and Eliza Reilly
Musical Arrangement and Sound Design by Matthew Predny
Produced by Emma Diaz, Indiana Kwong
Production Design by Isabella Andronos
Lighting Design by Martin Kinnane
Dramaturgy by Samantha Young
Stage Management by Paisley Williams

Performance Times

25 July – 11 August 2018

Wednesday 25 July 8.15pm
Thursday 26 July 8.15pm
Friday 27 July 8.15pm (Opening Night, private event)
Saturday 28 July 8.15pm
Tuesday 31 July 6.45pm
Wednesday 1 Aug 6.45pm
Thursday 2 Aug 8.15pm
Friday 3 Aug 8.15pm
Saturday 4 Aug 8.15pm
Sunday 5 Aug 5.15pm
Tuesday 7 Aug 6.45pm
Wednesday 8 Aug 6.45pm
Thursday 9 Aug 1.15pm
Thursday 9 Aug 8.15pm
Friday 10 Aug 8.15pm
Saturday 11 Aug 2.15pm
Saturday 11 Aug 8.15pm
Sunday 12 Aug 5.15pm


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