Vitolina, a young woman is the only person who remains on the sinking Pacific nation of Tokelau in its final moments above the ocean. It’s both a blessing and a burden. The others have all made the journey of resettlement to Australia & she remains to witness her Motherland take its final breath, pondering the uncertainty of her future and everything that once made her people who they were.

She must dance a final Fatele for her home and farewell what once was.

Set between Tokelau & Western Sydney and against the changing Pacific landscape Te Molimau is a conversation about ‘Home’, about what makes us who we are and how to navigate new Oceans when the Vaka which carried us for generations can do so no longer.


Presented in association with Black Birds Creative Arts Co.


Lesina Ateli-Ugavule
Malia Letoafa
Tommy Misa
Iya Ware


Playwright Taofia Pelesasa
Director Emele Ugavule
Assistant Director Ayeesha Ash
Lighting Designer Amber Silk
Choreographer Sela Vai

Performance Times

7 – 24 August 2019

Wednesday 7 August, 7.45pm (Preview)
Thursday 8 August, 7.45pm (Preview)
Friday 9 August, 7.45pm (Opening Night, invitation only)
Saturday 10 August, 7.45pm
Tuesday 13 August, 6.45pm
Wednesday 14 August, 6.45pm
Thursday 15 August, 7.45pm
Sunday 18 August, 5.15pm
Tuesday 20 August, 6.45pm
Wednesday 21 August, 6.45pm
Thursday 22 August, 7.45pm
Friday 23 August, 7.45pm
Saturday 24 August, 7.45pm


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