GEORGE [murderously]: I’m really looking forward to this, Martha.

George and Martha are having the new couple over for drinks. That it’s two in the morning and the booze has already been flowing only serves to make the upcoming game of Get the Guests more interesting. But as the marital sparring intensifies, the night spills into frenzy and none of them will make it to sunrise intact.

Belvoir brought audiences up close to Edward Albee’s masterpiece. Act One is called ‘Fun and Games’, Act Three is called ‘The Exorcism.’ In between is one hell of a scrap between two of the most battered and brilliant prizefighters of twentieth-century drama. This is a funny and exhilarating look at what happens when truth and illusion go for each other’s throats in the citadel of liberal democracy.

Benedict Andrews directed Catherine McClements in an acid-dipped production which took us unflinchingly to the bruised and desperate heart of love.


Marton Csokas
Catherine McClements
Robin McLeavy
Simon Stone


By Edward Albee
Director Benedict Andrews
Set Designer Robert Cousins
Costume Designer Alice Babidge
Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti
Sound Designer Jeremy Silver
Fight Choreographer Gavin Robins


Andrews has conjured something special in this Company B production, which over three hours is rarely anything but engrossing, testament to a play that has lost none of it’s spark and relevance over 45 years and to direction and performances that are faultless.

The Daily Telegraph

Director Benedict Andrews draws exceptional performances from him two central actors.

The Sun-Herald

…devastatingly funny and unsettling…

Sydney Morning Herald