Toy Symphony

By Michael Gow
Director Neil Armfield

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 14 Nov – 22 Dec 2007

    Michael Gow’s first full-length play in a decade is a dazzling tour-de-force of theatrical invention.

    Roland Henning has writer’s block. When he tries to explain the situation to a therapist, his story begins to tumble back and forth between his childhood in The Shire and his work as a playwright. At the root of it all is that extraordinary day in primary school which shattered his boyhood and plunged him headlong into the dizzy circus of life and art.
    His story is funny, fiercely eloquent and shockingly honest. Toy Symphony is a wrestle between the vicious bastardry of being an artist and the sheer exhilaration of the creative act.

    Neil Armfield directed this breathtaking whirligig about the power of art and the force of the human mind. Richard Roxburgh slipped on the tights and jumped back on to the Belvoir stage after too long away.


    By Michael Gow
    Director Neil Armfield
    Set Designer Ralph Myers
    Costume Designer Tess Schofield
    Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
    Composer and Sound Designer Paul Charlier
    Assistant Sound Designer Michael Toisuta
    Assistant Director Matthew Lutton


    Justine Clarke
    Russell Dykstra
    Guy Edmonds
    Monica Maughn
    Richard Roxburgh

    Production images by Heidrun Löhr


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