They Divided
The Sky

From the novel by Christa Wolf Adapted and Directed by Daniel Schlusser

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 13 – 30 June 2018

Curious and passionate Rita is falling in love with hilariously pedantic Manfred. Together, they are fearless. East Germany is in generational turmoil: post-war trauma in conflict with youthful optimism.

Utopias seem possible. Marxism! Socialism! Revolution! But the Cold War is underway and when Manfred’s professional ambitions are thwarted, he looks to the West. The Soviets put a man into space and a Wall is about the split the city. Will their love go the way of their beloved country, or will Rita’s idealism, and seemingly boundless capacity for sacrifice triumph?

Christa Wolf was one of the most beloved German authors of her generation. Her first full-length novel They Divided the Sky was hailed at the time for its artistic achievement and excoriated for its “decadent” politics. This timely adaptation by Daniel Schlusser has been written for two of our finest performers, Nikki Shiels and Stephen Phillips.

A Daniel Schlusser Ensemble production.


From the novel by Christa Wolf adapted for the stage by Daniel Schlusser
Director Daniel Schlusser
Designer Robert Cousins
Costume Designer Mel Page
Lighting Designer Amelia Lever-Davidson
Sound Designer James Paul
Produced by froudist

Special thanks to Luise von Flotow and Antje Scheuritzel.


Stephen Phillips
Nikki Shiels

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