The Power
of Yes

By David Hare
Director Sam Strong

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 17 April – 30 May 2010

    “A dramatist seeks to understand the financial crisis” is what David Hare has subtitled his new play. Just as Dante went into Hell to find love Hare plunges into the financial inferno in search of some sense. The Power of Yes is about his own journey from bewildered everyman to dinner companion with one of the world’s financial gods. Along the way we get a frightening and funny parade of the key players, and a brilliant illumination of one of the biggest cock-ups in the history of capitalism.

    Following on from Stuff Happens and Gethsemane, The Power of Yes crowns a Company B / David Hare trilogy about the power-players of the new millennium. In The Power of Yes, Hare puts the giants of finance on stage in their own words and looks for where it all went wrong. In some ways it’s a search for a villain, in other ways it’s a cheeky act of social service – turning the mess into a theatrical adventure for financial experts and householders alike.

    The Power of Yes is about as urgent and immediate as theatre can get, but it’s also about the grand old themes: greed, ambition, pride and knowing better. Sam Strong makes his Company B Belvoir debut with this magnificent, witty piece of theatrical arraignment.


    By David Hare
    Director Sam Strong
    Set & Costume Designer Dale Ferguson
    Lighting Designer Danny Pettingill
    Composer & Sound Designer Steve Francis
    Assistant Director Nikola Amanovic
    Voice & Accent Coach Danielle Roffe
    Stage Manager Mark Lowrey
    Assistant Stage Manager Edwina Guinness


    John Derum
    Jonathan Elsom
    Russell Kiefel
    Brian Lipson
    Tony Llewellyn-Jones
    Amber McMahon
    Rhys Muldoon
    Luke Mullins
    Marshall Napier
    Graham Rouse
    Christopher Stollery
    David Whitney


    Production images by Heidrun Lohr


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