They’re all masters of the art of the short story, and they all wrote a story called The Kiss. Realising this, director Susanna Dowling had the inspired idea to put their four stories on stage, word for word.

Maupassant looks at sexual power and the politics inherent in relations between women and men.

Chopin deals with deception and the choice between love and money.

Chekhov shows how the imagination can take a single moment of reality and build it into a fantasy that becomes more important than the original.

And Goldsworthy takes a kiss and turns it into an aching portrayal of Australian teenage bravado gone horribly wrong.

Eschewing the traditional hack-job of literary adaptation by using the complete text of each story, The Kiss steps out into a new form of theatrical storytelling.


Catherine Davies
Rita Kalnejais
Yalin Ozucelik
Steve Rodgers


Writers Anton Chekhov, Kate Chopin, Peter Goldsworthy & Guy de Maupassant
Director Susanna Dowling
Designer Luke Ede
Lighting Designer Teegan Lee
Composer & Sound Designer Ekrem Mulayim
Movement Coordinator Joshua Tyler
Production Stage Manager Michael Maclean
Technical Supervisor Jack Audas Preston


With its sweet, flirtatious and emotionally charged connotations, the kiss is a subject that can pull a theatre audience close for hours.

Concrete Playground

This is a great idea that makes for a roundly entertaining session of theatre…

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