Four works performed in repertory

William Yang began doing his slide-shows in the Downstairs Theatre at Belvoir St in 1989. Since then they have become an international phenomenon, sought after by festivals around the world. As a photographer, William has been the principal documenter of both the seamy underbelly of Sydney life and theatre since the 1970s, and his shows have developed into a totally unique form of performance.
For this retrospective, William reworked his first great piece, Sadness, and performed it in repertory with Friends of Dorothy, Blood Links and his success from the 2002 Sydney Festival, Shadows.

“I’m gay, Chinese and I am a photographer. My main achievement is that I’ve been able to bring stories of my sub-cultural tribes into the mainstream. I have given kindred spirits voice.” William Yang, 2003

Produced by Performing Lines


William Yang


Written by William Yang
Production Manager Martin Langthorne
Stage Manager Mary Macrae
Voice Consultant Simone Lourie
NIDA Production Secondment Gordon Rymer
Music for Shadows is composed and performed by Colin Offord
Music for Blood Links and Sadness by Stephen Rae
Music for Friends of Dorothy by Simon Hunt


William Yang’s performances are among the enduring pleasures of Australian theatre

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