A co-production with Malthouse Theatre.

Nikolai Gogol was a nutcase. Bonkers. And in between bouts of nuttiness he just happened to write what are unquestionably the two funniest plays of the nineteenth century: The Diary of a Madman and The Government Inspector. Ever since then, actors and directors have been using his plays as a leaping off point for their own journeys into theatrical madness.

Now, a new generation of comic geniuses sink their teeth into The Government Inspector. Under the direction of the ever-inventive Simon Stone, this ridiculous, laugh-out-loud comedy will take a mad-cap turn toward twenty-first century Australia. It may not entirely resemble the play Gogol wrote in 1836, but this new The Government Inspector is an implausible masterpiece for our implausible times. 


Fayssal Bazzi
Mitchell Butel
Gareth Davies
Robert Menzies
Zahra Newman
Eryn Jean Norvill
Greg Stone


By Simon Stone with Emily Barclay; devised with the cast
Featuring a short musical by Stefan Gregory
Inspired by Nikolai Gogol
Director Simon Stone
Set Designer Ralph Myers
Costume Designer Mel Page
Lighting Designer Paul Jackson
Composer & Sound Designer Stefan Gregory
Choreographer Lucy Guerin
Stage Managers Tia Clark & Chantelle Foster
Assistant Stage Managers Caitlin Byrne & Vanessa Martin
Costume Secondment Hannah Koch


‘comic genius’

Cameron Woodhead | The Age

‘This is not, I hasten to add, some meta-theatrical wankfest. Stone’s play about having to perform a provincial satire from the 1830s instead of a comedy of manners from the 1930s has broad commercial appeal…’

Chris Boyd | The Australian

‘It features a top-flight ensemble cast working at the height of their comic powers, all playing exaggerated and highly coloured versions of themselves, and they’re a delight to watch.’

Alison Croggon | The Guardian

‘Gogol should be delighted with this tribute to his story of a crooked town being duped by a cunning incomer.’

Kate Herburt | Herald Sun