The Events

By David Greig
Director Clare Watson
Composer John Browne

  • Venue National tour
  • Dates 21 June – 28 July 2018

    A mesmerising piece of playwriting – generous, compassionate and subtle – The Events was the sleeper hit of the 2013 Edinburgh Festival. The brilliant Catherine McClements returned to the Belvoir St stage in 2016, joined by a host of Sydney’s community choirs in an extraordinary blend of theatre and music. Following on from that success it’s now doing a National Tour in 2018.

    Claire is a minister and the director of a choir that meets regularly in a local hall. It’s made up of all sorts: the lonely, outsiders, strangers – and the privileged, the comfortable. In short, she has built a community. But when a disaffected young man enters the hall and opens fire with a semi-automatic, this community – and the ideals that formed it – are blown apart.

    After the event, a dialogue unfolds between Claire and a young man. She is unpacking the Pandora’s box of herself – her rage, her fears, and ultimately some hope. The young man is something else: the voice of the alienated, an enemy within, a lost generation. He plays many roles, but in an era of Port Arthur and Martin Place they all ask the same big question: How do we live together knowing it can all come apart in a moment?

    A co-production with Malthouse Theatre and State Theatre Company of South Australia.

    The Events NSW regional tour is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.


    By David Greig
    Composer John Browne
    Director Clare Watson
    Set & Lighting Designer Geoff Cobham
    Touring Production Manager & Lighting Realiser Ren Kenward
    Musical Directors Carol Young (Geelong, Tamworth, Lismore, Wollongong), Benjamin Hogan (Perth only)
    Musical Supervisor Luke Byrne (Perth only)


    Johnny Carr
    Benjamin Hogan
    (Perth only)
    Catherine McClements
    Carol Young
    (Geelong, Tamworth, Lismore, Wollongong)
    Community choirs

    Production images by Brett Boardman

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