During the 2001 winter, Belvoir staged a series of play readings on Monday nights in the Downstairs Theatre. We did this as a way of listening to wonderful new writing for the stage from Australia and overseas.

The discovery of Cosmonauts came from one such evening – it was a lyrical, soulful, terribly funny Rubik’s Cube of a play. It wove together the stories of a fraught Scottish husband and wife whose TV is on the blink, a Norwegian UN peace negotiator, a young Russian prostitute, a French UFO researcher, a pregnant police woman, and two forgotten Cosmonauts who orbited in the sad and silent space above this planet abandoned by God and Government. It worked with a poetic theatricality both bizarre and compelling, and was utterly of our time.


Frank Gallacher Linal Haft Genevieve Lemon Bruce Spence Richard Sydenham Leeanna Walsman Ian Watkin


By David Greig Director Joseph Couch Set Designer Ralph Myers Costume Designer Kimm Kovac Lighting Designer Damien Cooper Composer and Sound Designer Paul Charlier


Remarkable…It’s a play that constantly mixes the epic and the intimate, and gets right under your skin…I cannot recommend it too highly.

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