The Astral

Written and directed by Charlie Garber

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 12 – 29 June 2019
  • Duration 100 minutes

    Sparring young couple Romi and Dan, failing to make a romantic getaway work, cautiously strike a deal with each other: to spend the getaway apart in order to return refreshed and recommitted. As Dan attempts a strange new form of meditation to reach the highest planes of consciousness, a lost runt Rat Prince from another dimension – Sam – is in desperate need of Romi’s help. But the strangeness of both adventures will pale in comparison to when the couple meet again on The Astral Plane.


    Producers  Rebecca Blake and Jessica Pantano
    Design Jonathon Hindmarsh
    LX Design Martin Kinnane
    LX Associate Jasmine Ryzk
    SX Design Clare Hennessy
    Stage Manager Jess Bell



    Eden Falk
    Emma Harvie
    Ella Scott Lynch
    Julia Robertson
    Imogen Sage
    Michael Whalley

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      They have produced and marketed it themselves.
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