Skyduck: A
Chinese Spy Comedy

By Sam Wang

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 11 – 20 July 2019

    It’s 1993… China has just launched Operation Skyduck!

    Leading the mission are Captain Yan and Agent Chang. Their objective: to steal America’s most prized flight simulation software.

    After launching an audacious hack into ‘The Matrix’ of the Royal Australian Aerobatic Squadron, they find themselves trapped by a hotshot NSA agent, Commander Kendrick. His plan? To destroy China’s military ambition once on for all…through Inception.

    Quirky and irreverent, Skyduck is a bilingual solo parody of East meets West through the prism of 90’s post-Cold War nostalgia. Think Top Gun meets 007 with a J-Pop backing track.

    Special Thanks for Creative Development and Support by National Theatre of Parramatta & Crack X Festival


    Writer, Video and Props Sam Wang
    Director, Tech & Ops (AV) Aileen Huynh
    Producer Pierce Wilcox
    Lighting Design Kelsey Lee
    Original Music by Tauese Tofa, Reveal Music Pty Ltd
    Stagehand, Tech & Ops (Surtitles) Lap Nguyen


    Sam Wang

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      They have produced and marketed it themselves.
      They get 100% of the box office and the theatre for free.
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