By Wajdi Mouawad
Translator Linda Gaboriau
Director Neil Armfield

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 23 July – 07 Sept 2008

    Like any great mystery thriller it begins with the reading of a will, in the office of a small-time family solicitor in a modern Western city. Nawal’s final wish for her twin children, Janine and Simon, is to solve the mystery of their origins. As they take up the challenge, the story plunges into the maelstrom what is perhaps Lebanon but could be anywhere from North Africa to the Balkans.

    Scorched is a thrilling leap of theatrical imagination. It’s like a kind of magic box which gives us a double vision of the world, of the comfort of love and family, and the strange familiarity of foreign fear and violence. For a country with such a problematic relationship to refugees, Scorched is a shout that echoes across the distances that separate us from the rest of the world.

    It was written by one of the most acclaimed writers in the French speaking world. Wajdi Mouawad is a Lebanese-born, Paris-raised, French-Canadian, and he calls his work a quest for sense and beauty. We were delighted to introduce him to Australia.

    Neil Armfield says, “I read Scorched and was totally floored. Then I read Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and it was like I was in the same world. I think this play is a masterpiece of contemporary world theatre.”


    By Wajdi Mouawad
    Translator Linda Gaboriau
    Director Neil Armfield
    Set Designer Stephen Curtis
    Costume Designer Anna Borghesi
    Lighting Designer Nigel Levings
    Composers Carl Dewhurst & Alan John
    Sound Designer Steve Toulmin
    Movement/Fight Coordinator Nigel Poulton
    Assistant Director Wayne Blair


    Paula Arundell
    Carl Dewhurst
    Adam Hatzimanolis
    Gillian Jones
    Brian Lipson
    Ashley Lyons
    Lucia Mastrantone
    Zindzi Okenyo
    Hazem Shammas
    George Spartels
    Yael Stone

    Production images by Heidrun Lohr


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