Porpoise Pool


Porpoise Pool

  • 1-18 Jun 23 Downstairs Theatre
  • 1 hour & 40 minutes (no interval)

Porpoise Pool

by Jojo Zhou
Directed by Eve Beck

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 1-18 Jun 23
  • Duration 1 hour & 40 minutes (no interval)
  • Accessibility
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  • Content warning

    This production contains references to postnatal depression, references to suicide, use of coarse language, haze, flashing lights, loud sirens, and herbal cigarettes.

    Should you wish to speak to speak to a member of staff regarding running times, content warnings or any other show related queries, our box office can be contacted on 02 9699 3444.

  • Presented by
    • BITE Productions

Lou might not be the smartest, or the richest, but she has her own flat and a son she sees every other weekend. And she’s just installed a Smart House Assistant – what more could she need?

Lou has shed the skin of the high school dropout, troubled youth, teen mum she once was. So a leaking pipe, a too-smart Smart House AI, and a son she doesn’t understand is nothing she can’t handle. Or the albatross in the ceiling, the octopus under her couch, the way she swims in circles, round and round and round…

A tangled exploration of motherhood, childhood, and the way technology raises us, Porpoise Pool dives into the depths of Lou’s past, journeying from shallow waters to the unknown deep, while House – carer, confidant, and keeper – does whatever it takes to keep Lou content and complacent.

“There are two kinds of mothers, Lou. Those who destroy, and those who are destroyed. What kind are you?”

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  • Full price (adult) $25
  • Previews $20

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