Pickled ﻛﺑﯾس

Pickled ﻛﺑﯾس

  • 20 Aug – 8 Sep 24 Downstairs Theatre

Pickled ﻛﺑﯾس

Original Concept Created by Najee Tannous
Written by Najee Tannous, Antony Makhlouf, Hayden Tonazzi, May Yousif, and Fransceso Pelli

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 20 Aug – 8 Sep 24
  • Produced by
    • Gabriela Green Olea (PYT Fairfield)
  • Supported by
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Sammy and Yousif sit across from each other at a kitchen table adorned with a damask cloth. Battling the tumultuous waves of their mother’s sudden passing, they embark on an exhilarating quest to unravel the mystery behind their unexpected inheritance: a single jar of pickles.

The brother’s chance to dill with the unconventional bequest drives them to unravel hidden truths about their family, themselves, and the memories they thought they shared. How do two grieving sons decode the enigma of a seemingly simple object?

A Community Night Q&A will be held on Sunday 25th August & Sunday 8th September.

WHAT IS 25A? 25A is a Belvoir initiative to support the artists of the future. It has been made by independent and emerging artists. They have produced and marketed it themselves. They get 100% of the box office and the theatre for free. Their task is to make a show for less than $2500. Thanks for supporting the artists of the future.


  • Full price (adult) $25
  • Previews $20

25A Tickets

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