Everybody knows Peter Pan. He’s the boy who hasn’t grown up in 113 years. But one night not long ago we sat down and read J. M. Barrie’s original play and we found ourselves in the presence of something faaaaaar stranger, far wilder and far more brilliant than Disney ever let us believe.

This is the story of a strange boy who comes through the window of an ordinary family and takes the children on an adventure to the bush. Well, to Neverland. It is also a mad festival of  bedtime and storytime, of uncatchable girls who have a thing for you and Lost Boys who don’t have a thing for you, of  rip tides, pirates, ticking crocs, growing up, going home, mothers, fathers, dogs, dreams, and that mad pirate fiend and great big grown-up Captain Hook!

It also happens to be more or less impossible to stage at Belvoir, which is precisely why Ralph Myers – dreamer, designer and boy leader himself – is putting it on. For how better to un-grow up than  attempt something that really shouldn’t be attempted? To top it all off, a cast of the country’s most ridiculous actors are along for the ride.

Parents, bring your children. Children, bring your parents. Grandparents, bring everyone!

This production of Peter Pan received wide acclaim in New York City when we went on tour to the New Victory Theater on Broadway in October 2013. Read some reviews here


Paula Arundell
Jimi Bani
Gareth Davies
Harriet Dyer
Charlie Garber

Geraldine Hakewill
Megan Holloway
John Leary
Meyne Wyatt


By J.M. Barrie
Adapted by Tommy Murphy
Director Ralph Myers
Set Designer Robert Cousins
Costume Designer Alice Babidge
Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
Composer & Sound Designer Stefan Gregory
Assistant Director Isaac Drandic
Fight Director Scott Witt
Choreographer Sara Black
Stage Manager Luke McGettigan
Assistant Stage Manager Amy Morcom



This is a genuine family show, on a par with Belvoir’s The Book of Everything and The Small Poppies. Kids will tune into its playfulness and its implicit celebration of the importance of imaginative play in their lives.

Jason Blake | The Sydney Morning Herald

…this is a production that weaves a kind of magic on adult audiences: reminding us what it felt like to have not grown up yet. And that’s a very happy thought indeed.

Darryn King | Time Out

If it’s true that fairies are created with peals of laughter, Sydney will surely become the fairy kingdom this month.

Alexandra Spring | Vogue

The low-tech inventiveness of Belvoir’s new Peter Pan is one of the great pleasures of this joyous production.

Jo Litson | The Sunday Telegraph

…a production that weaves comedy, magic and melancholy beautifully.

Elissa Blake | The Sun-Herald

Just like Pan himself, this production really flies.

Lloyd Bradford Syke | Crikey