Forgive me, brother, let’s keep our relationship strictly commercial. I hear people get killed in Judea because of religious arguments. All I want is a tent, not a new god.

When the premiere of Paul was announced in London in 2006, it provoked an evangelical backlash and became one of the most controversial hits of the year. Company B presented the Australian premiere of this radical backroom account of the birth of Christianity.

Syria, AD 36. Saul of Tarsus has the revelation of his life on the road to Damascus. He changes his name to Paul and sets out to spread the gospel of Yeshua Christos throughout the known world and to the heart of the Roman Empire. But as his mission grows, the spiritual is pitted against the worldly in a confronting test of the power of belief.

Acclaimed British writer Howard Brenton takes a provocative look at rampant religious fervour in the shadow of a global power. His Paul is part genius, part maniac, a charismatic militant who goes on to forge one of the greatest statements of love known to any religion.

Wesley Enoch directed this passionate wrestle with the beauty and danger of faith.


Paula Arundell
James Evans
Jonathan Hardy
Jason Klarwein
Steve Le Marquand
Ewen Leslie
Robert Menzies
Graham Rouse
Hazem Shammas


By Howard Brenton
Director Wesley Enoch
Set Designer Adam Gardnir
Costume Designer Genevieve Dugard
Lighting Designer Matt Scott
Composer & Sound Designer Steve Francis
Fight Director Kyle Rowling
Assistant Director Steven Rassios


Wesley Enoch’s production is taut, compelling and thoughtful, allowing the drama and ideas equal space. Robert Menzies is magnificent as the single minded, evangelical Paul.

Australian Stage

[Paul] will be played, discussed and admired for many years to come.

David Hare

Thought-provoking and passionate