Once in Royal
David’s City

By Michael Gow
Director Eamon Flack

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 8 Feb – 23 March 2014

    I’m afraid I’ll sound like I’m ready to let go of you. And I’m not.

    Eloquent, playful, big-thinking, tender and fierce – Michael Gow’s new play is an astonishing act of theatrical invention.

    Will Drummond is bewildered. All the old certainties are coming apart. When he finds himself sitting by his mother’s bedside in a hospital room on the north coast of New South Wales, suddenly he’s faced with the mortality of loved ones, faced with the state of the world as it was and as it is right now. Set adrift, Will considers loss and what’s left, class and contradiction, and navigating a corporatised and globalised world alone.

    Once in Royal David’s City is big and small at once, tumbling from the fifties to the present, from East Berlin to Byron Bay, from brief encounters to the cycles of history. It’s about death and Christmas and class warfare and what to teach school children about politics and art. It’s about the old working class and the new middle class and what one has to learn from each other.

    It is beautiful.


    By Michael Gow
    Director Eamon Flack
    Set & Lighting Designer Nick Schlieper
    Costume Designer Mel Page
    Composer Alan John
    Sound Supervisor Michael Toisuta
    Stage Manager Luke McGettigan
    Assistant Stage Manager Keiren Smith
    Assistant to the Set Designer Georgia Hopkins
    Stage Management Secondment Michelle Sverdloff-Bruer
    Costume Secondment Hannah Koch


    Helen Buday
    Brendan Cowell
    Maggie Dence
    Lech Mackiewicz
    Tara Morice
    Helen Morse
    Anthony Phelan
    James Wright

    Rehearsal images by Ellis Parrinder
    Production images by Ellis Parrinder

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