Not Now, Not Ever: A Parliament of Women


Not Now, Not Ever: A
Parliament of Women

  • 12-31 Mar 24 Downstairs Theatre
  • 1 hour 35 minutes (no interval)

Not Now, Not Ever: A
Parliament of Women

Written and Directed by Margaret Thanos
After Aristophanes

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 12-31 Mar 24
  • Duration 1 hour 35 minutes (no interval)
  • Content warning

    This production includes the use of haze, strobe lighting and coarse language. Not Now, Not Ever: A Parliament of Women will also include audience interaction.

  • Presented by
    • Queen Hades Productions

Prax thinks the world is f*cked and wants to start a rebellion with her best friend Gora, who also happens to be a tap-dancing goat. Athena thinks it’s time for Zeus to step Aside. But the king of the gods won’t give up his throne so easily, and stakes his rule on the Australian Federal election; if Athena can get Prax elected she’ll have dominion over Mount Olympus, and Prax will finally be able to make a real difference.

But there’s one small problem: there aren’t many revolutionaries on hand when you want to change the game.  Everyone is worried for her, but she’s on a mission for equal pay and to dismantle the evil CCorp! She might be one voice amongst many, but that’s how it begins. Revolution is in the small steps too. 

Not Now, Not Ever: or A Parliament of Women is a modern adaptation of Assemblywomen by Aristophanes, presented by activism arts company Queen Hades. This show is a queer, gender-bending satirical take on an already uproariously funny comedy from over 2000 years ago.

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  • Full price (adult) $25
  • Previews $20

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