Mother Courage
and Her Children

By Bertolt Brecht
Translation Michael Gow
Music Composition Stefan Gregory
Director Eamon Flack

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 6 June – 26 July 2015

    The great Robyn Nevin plays the great Mother Courage. At last.

    Mother Courage and Her Children is a magnificent pageant of humanity in extremis, full of celebration and bastardry in equal parts, and burning with love and disgust for the human species. Its author is the great smartarse of the dramatic canon – an entertainer, a liar, a communist and a libertine whose appetite for the exuberant variety of life is only surpassed by Shakespeare. Mother Courage is Brecht’s masterpiece.

    Anna Fierling is a refugee. She has three children, a shop in a cart, and buckets of chutzpah. She buys and sells her way through a massive and pointless religious war – gulling, lying, charming, inveigling. Will those great capitalist qualities save her from the common fate?

    Directed by Eamon Flack, who proved with his masterful production of Angels in America that the epic can be moving, this 20th century colossus about a 17th century war is a vision of the 21st century – of globalisation, religion, violence, capitalism, love and pity.

    Don’t miss Robyn Nevin in the role she’s been waiting her whole career to play.


    By Bertolt Brecht
    Translation Michael Gow
    Music Composition Stefan Gregory
    Director Eamon Flack
    Set Designer Robert Cousins
    Costume Designer Alice Babidge
    Lighting Designer Benjamin Cisterne
    Fight Choreographer  Scott Witt
    Production Manager Mark Haslam
    Stage Manager Isabella Kerdijk
    Assistant Stage Manager Keiren Smith
    Rehearsals Observer Alistair Clark


    Paula Arundell
    Tom Conroy
    Lena Cruz
    Michael McStay
    Alex Menglet

    Arky Michael
    Robyn Nevin
    Anthony Phelan
    Richard Pyros
    Hazem Shammas
    Emele Ugavule


    Rehearsal images by Lisa Tomasetti
    Production images by Heidrun Lohr

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