Winner of five 2012 Sydney Theatre Awards including:
Best Mainstage Production
Best Direction of a Mainstage Production (Anne-Louise Sarks)
Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Mainstage Production (Blazey Best)
Best New Australian Work (Kate Mulvany & Anne-Louise Sarks)
Best Newcomer (Rory Potter & Joseph Kelly)

Two young children on a stage play games to distract themselves. Off-stage and unheard their parents are having a very famous showdown. At some inevitable moment in the next hour the children will be drawn away from their games and into their parents’ bitter argument. From there they will enter mythology as the most tragic siblings of all time.

Made specially for the Downstairs Theatre, Anne-Louise Sarks’ refocusing of Medea is an examination of the collateral damage of one of history’s most famous family breakdowns. It is to Euripides’ Medea what Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is to Hamlet: a behind-the-scenes look at the lives that minor characters live before the plot takes over.

Former Artistic Director of Melbourne’s acclaimed The Hayloft Project (and now Belvoir Resident Director), Anne-Louise is a canny and formidable theatrical mind. Her Medea is a smart, sharp and bittersweet look at the fine line that divides regular life and all-out tragedy.


Blazey Best
Joseph Kelly
Rory Potter


Written by Kate Mulvany & Anne-Louise Sarks after Euripides
Original Concept & Director Anne-Louise Sarks
Set & Costume Designer Mel Page
Lighting Designer Benjamin Cisterne
Composer & Sound Designer Stefan Gregory
Assistant Director Laura Turner
Stage Manager Kelly Ukena
Assistant Stage Manager Grace Nye-Butler



Cast aside all your preconceptions of what tragedy is in the theatre. This is something new.

Jason Blake | The Sydney Morning Herald

Blazey Best’s performance is red hot.

Rebecca Whitton | Australian Stage

One of the best productions of 2012.

Diana Simmonds | Stage Noise

Powerfully and achingly moving.

John McCallum | The Australian

Deeply affecting and profoundly disquieting… Medea will linger after the final blow.

Chris Hook | The Daily Telegraph

Five stars.

Jason Catlett | Time Out