Written in a rush of creative and musical energy, Casey Bennetto’s Keating! burst into life at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March 2005. The comic genius of the lyrics, the audacity of the conception, the beat and swing of the music sent its sold-out audiences spinning into the night.

The production won all available awards at the Festival and the pattern was repeated in a short five night season at the Sydney Opera House in August 2005. Before it even opened, you couldn’t get a seat.

Casey Bennetto’s scathingly hilarious lyrics tear through the reign and tragic fall of the Placido Domingo of Australian politics in a production with Neil Armfield and comic satirist John Clarke blowing wind into Casey’s spinnaker.

Part French farce, part Greek tragedy, and all Australian history, ‘the country soul opera we had to have’ transports you back to a time less politically grey as it charts the rise, fall and rise again of an antique clock collector from Bankstown.

SIGH over duets between a love-struck Cheryl and Gareth! HISS the mean-spirited ghost of Lazarus with a triple bypass! THRILL to the spectacular settings from the plush sitting rooms of Kirribilli House to the Bankstown RSL!

Bennetto’s outlandish and biting musical is bigger and better than ever. This Christmas, flip the switch to vaudeville!


Casey Bennetto
Alon Ilsar
Mike McLeish
Eden Ottignon
Enio Pozzebon
Terry Serio
Guy Strazz
Mick Stuart


By Casey Bennetto
Directed by Neil Armfield
Musical Director Casey Bennetto
Set Designer Brian Thompson
Costume Designer Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
Choreographer John O’Connell
Sound Designer Steve Francis
Stage Manager Jeff Stein
Assistant Stage Manager/Occasional Performer & Dancer Suzanne Large
Sound Operator Michael Toisuta


Don’t laugh, this is serious.

John Clarke