The script of I’m Your Man is now published by Currency Press as part of Acts of Courage: three headphone verbatim plays by Roslyn Oades. 

For 18 months theatre-maker Roslyn Oades and her trusty tape recorder followed a determined, young boxer from Bankstown through his preparations for a world-title fight. I’m Your Man is the story of who she and her tape recorder met along the way: past legends, up-and-comers and failed contenders whose lives have been irreversibly changed by the fight game.

For Sydney Festival, Downstairs Belvoir turns boxing gym: place of dreams, of glory, of a better life, where everyone wants to be special and only one thing is certain – that no matter how high you fly you will eventually lose. I’m Your Man is no ordinary slice-of-life. The actors wear earpieces and take their lines directly from the ringsides, gyms and dressing rooms of Oades’ recordings. This is fuelled-up, high-stakes, real-deal theatre.

I’m Your Man is the third of a trilogy by Oades about acts of bravery and the psychology of respect. Behind the thrilling, brutal sport lies a compelling tale of courage and its cost.


Michael Mohammed Ahmad
Billy McPherson
Katia Molino
Justin Rosniak
John Shrimpton


Creator & Director Roslyn Oades
Sound Designer Bob Scott
Lighting Designer Neil Simpson
Choreographer (Branch Nebula) Lee Wilson
Script Consultant Raimondo Cortese
Project Manager Tim Carroll
Design Consultant Ralph Myers
Technical Supervisor Holly Woollard
Production Assistant Anna-May Evans
Interview Assistants Michael Mohammed Ahmad, Tim Carroll and
Jaleesa Donovan



You seldom see theatre (verbatim or otherwise) as vivid and warm as this.

Jason Blake | The Sydney Morning Herald

Astonishingly authentic … Oades has an extraordinary ability to take us into different worlds.

John McCallum | The Australian

I’m Your Man gets into and under your skin, landing punches long after the players exit the ring.

Rebecca Saffir | Time Out

I loved I’m Your Man, and if you allow yourself to be transported through the doors of Belvoir Downstairs into a so-real-seeming boxing gym, creator/director Roslyn Oades and her multitalented, impressively athletic cast ensure you will, too.

Rima Sabina Aouf | Concrete Playground

This is a remarkable, highly skilled and moving work of theatre. The actors won a round of applause for their superb skipping routine alone and a standing ovation at the end. It’s rare to see theatre as immediate, sweaty and full of life and emotion as this one. Don’t miss it.

Elissa Blake | The Sun-Herald