David Hare said he’d never written a play quite like this. Hilarious and furious, Gethsemane is his dazzling comedy about democracy’s dark night of the soul.

Otto Fallon is a former hairdresser and boy-band producer. Now he’s a fundraiser and problem solver for New Labour. Meredith Guest is the Home Secretary. Suzette’s her teenage daughter and she’s about to bring everything crashing down.

Hare let fly with a thrilling narrative and savage wit worthy of the great Restoration comedies. His menagerie of the privileged skate through a world of mirrors and high hypocrisy where British Labour has suspended its idealism and become the opposite of itself. Written out of deep anger, Gethsemane asks how we maintain any sense of morality in a world so defined by price and affluence. But glowing at its core is a tentative sense of promise for the future…

Following the acclaimed productions of Hare’s Stuff Happens, The Judas Kiss and My Zinc Bed, Neil Armfield reignited his artistic friendship with one of the world’s truly brilliant writers.


Paula Arundell
Emily Barclay
Charlie Garber
Claire Jones
Hugh Keays-Byrne
Rhys Muldoon
Sarah Peirse
Andy Rodoreda
Dan Wyllie


By David Hare
Director Neil Armfield
Set Designer Brian Thompson
Costume Designer Jennifer Irwin
Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
Composer Alan John
Sound Designer Steve Francis
Assistant Director Shannon Murphy
Voice and Accent Coach Danielle Roffe
Stage Manager Mark Lowrey
Assistant Stage Manager Nell Ranney