Writer & Director Benedict Andrews

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 24 Mar – 29 April 2012

    No-one would doubt that Benedict Andrews has a vivid imagination. As a director he has taken some of our most revered classics and turned them on their heads. The Seagull, Measure for Measure, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Sydney Theatre Company’s The War of the Roses and The Season at Sarsparilla thrilled and scandalised audiences with their audacity, clarity and theatrical chutzpah. Now Andrews has turned his hand to playwriting.

    A family under threat – from what, we don’t know – hires a young security guard, Chris. He spends long hours, day and night, by the pool, watching. One by one, in their private universes of plate glass and good food, each family member is drawn to Chris. A dangerous game of fantasy and privilege begins. Every Breath is an extraordinary debut written by a theatre-maker at the top of his game. Darkly funny, sweetly eerie, and strangely familiar, this is about what happens when prosperity gives us the licence to see the world as we want to see it.

    PLEASE NOTE: Every Breath contains nudity and graphic sexual content.


    Writer & Director Benedict Andrews
    Set & Costume Designer Alice Babidge
    Lighting Designer Nick Schlieper
    Composer Oren Ambarchi
    Sound Designer Luke Smiles
    Stage Manager Mel Dyer
    Assistant Stage Manager Tia Clark


    John Howard
    Shelly Lauman
    Eloise Mignon
    Angie Milliken
    Dylan Young


    Production images by Heidrun Lohr

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