By Duncan Graham
Director Sarah John

  • Venue Downstairs Theatre
  • Dates 7 Apr – 1 May 2011

    A woman sits on a bus and talks to the strangers around her. Or is she at home talking to herself? Or is she in a theatre talking to us? Has she been through an ordeal, or is it a fantasy? Is she traumatised, or is she just messing with us?

    Duncan Graham’s Cut is a theatrical riddle which travels the precarious line between fantasy and reality, thought and action.

    Graham and director Sarah John are long time collaborators who have developed a series of bold new works. Cut is their next theatrical investigation, created over a number of years and finally brought to life by the fearless Anita Hegh.

    Possible confession, possible fantasy. Is she being stalked by a strange man? Or is she playing a cruel game with us? You decide.


    By Duncan Graham
    Director Sarah John
    Dramaturg Iain Sinclair
    Composer & Sound Designer Ekrem Mulayim
    Lighting Designer Danny Pettingill
    Production Stage Manager Michael Maclean


    Anita Hegh

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