Winner of the 2013 Green Room Award for Dance – Concept and Realisation

A co-production with Lucy Guerin Inc.

Each night a different conversation between the performers will occur on stage, creating a mesmerising cultural encounter that changes from one night to the next.

Conversation Piece explores the humorous and frivolous nature of human interactions, as well as the disturbing undercurrents that can run beneath the simplest of conversations.

From the choreographer and director of Human Interest Story and Structure and Sadness comes this compelling new work bringing together the unique talents of dancers Alisdair Macindoe, Rennie McDougall, Harriet Ritchie and actors Alison Bell, Megan Holloway and Matthew Whittet.


Alison Bell
Megan Holloway
Alisdair MacIndoe
Rennie McDougall
Harriet Ritchie
Matthew Whittet


Choreographer & Director Lucy Guerin
Set & Costume Designer Robert Cousins
Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
Sound Designer Robin Fox
Stage Manager Melanie Stanton
Assistant Stage Manager Edwina Guinness



Choreographer Lucy Guerin and her performers have sought to capture nothing less than the myriad challenges of living with our fellow human beings: a preoccupation it shares with all the greatest theatre. They pull it off with grace, wit and flair.

Darryn King | Time Out

They interact, the dancers dance, the actors sort of dance, they continue with the Chinese Whispers storytelling and offer constant reminders that chaos and anarchy can only only happen within a nice, neat, civilised framework… it alternates between nonsensical, intriguing, moving and hilarious.

Diana Simmonds | Stage Noise

Guerin has assembled a group of very fine performers with strong personalities…

John McCallum | The Australian