A conch shell, a red lantern, a pot of ochre make-up. As we were clearing out the dilapidated recesses of Belvoir St Theatre to prepare for our historic renovation we found a sad cardboard box squashed under the seating banks which contained these three treasures. After a little detective work we discovered that this was a box of props from the original production of Capricornia premiered by Company B in 1988.

Eighteen years later we were delighted that Wesley Enoch will create a new production of this epic story which follows one man’s odyssey into the dark and bloody heart of his past in the Top End.

Louis Nowra’s brilliant adaptation of Xavier Herbert’s novel Capricornia is a sweeping adventure about race and place in the Top End in the 1930s. It became a must-see in Australian theatre in 2006… raucous, big, rich, violent, bloody and thrilling.


Bob Baines
Luke Carroll
Lillian Crombie
Felino Dolloso
Kerri Glassock
Jason Klarwein
Annie Maynard
Christopher Pitman
Fiona Press
Kyas Sherriff
Ursula Yovich


By Louis Nowra based on the novel by Xavier Herbert
Directed by Wesley Enoch
Designer Brian Thomson
Lighting & Vision Designer Mark Howett
Costume Designer Alice Babidge
Composer & Sound Designer Steve Francis
Assistant Director Matthew Whittet
Stage Manager Jamie Twist
Assistant Stage Manager Anna Reece


It is refreshing to see and hear the Australian ‘voice’ in performance again. This is a big production in many senses, in its staging with 11 actors playing more than 40 roles. Yet Enoch has reined in the sweeping narrative to afford the play a crisp and clear focus.

The Daily Telegraph