Belvoir and the acclaimed Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) have joined forces for this big-picture show about a city and society redefining itself.

Late one night in the gutted façade of a building primed for redevelopment, a group of security workers, labourers, and a local teenager find themselves haunting the same territory. One by one they rule a line in the sand, and by dawn they’re set for a showdown over who builds the future and who gets to own it. Buried City is an ambitious new work about ever-changing cities like, well, Sydney – where waves of immigrants make new lives on old land. Director Alicia Talbot’s investigation of real-time action and filmic panorama continues in this special collaboration between Belvoir and Bankstown-based UTP.

The work is being made in consultation with the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and their Retired Members Association, African Women Australia Inc and Gadigal Information Service Aboriginal Corporation.

The troubadour of Redfern-Waterloo Perry Keyes makes his theatrical debut in this surprising show about the kindness of strangers and the brutality of old friends.

This work was first developed through a commission from Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada.


Co-devisors & performers

Valerie Berry
Perry Keyes
Russell Kiefel
Effie Nkrumah
Hazem Shammas
Meyne Wyatt


By Raimondo Cortese
Conceived & Directed by Alicia Talbot
Set & Costume Designer Mirabelle Wouters
Singer-Songwriter Perry Keyes
Sound Designer & Composer Paul Prestipino
Lighting Design Neil Simpson with Sean Bacon
Movement Director Kathy Cogill
UTP Executive Producer Michelle Kotevski
Production Manager Sharna Galvin
Production Consultant Neil Fisher
Community Liaison Annie Winter
Assistant Director & Stage Manager Frank Mainoo
Assistant Stage Manager Gina Bianco

Special thanks to our set sponsor Pacific Group


…a powerful work about the importance of watching out for people who in the chaos of the contemporary world seem to have fallen by the wayside but still have their passions.

John McCallum | The Australian

Meyne Wyatt’s edgy performance as the simmering, agitated and agile Meynedog is compelling and Russell Kiefel brings a world-weary sense of vulnerability and long-lost hopes to the old-school union agitator who drinks to forget…

Gary Smith | The Daily Telegraph

Belvoir’s Upstairs Theatre is a revelation as this stripped-bare cavern, and an opening from the back wall into Belvoir Street proper brings extra immediacy and inner-cityness…

Rima Sabina Aouf | Concrete Playground

It’s fair to say UTP positions itself, very successfully, at the cutting-edge of Australian theatre and this work leaves no real room for doubt about it.

Lloyd Bradford Syke | Curtain Call

I want you to see this show – and I want you to read it as a piece of installation AND as a piece of philosophical orchestration. And I suspect, you’ll walk away a different person.

Augusta Supple