Presented in association with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
Originally commissioned and presented by PACT centre for emerging artists

The Future, Earth: An intergalactic gay wizard gets stranded on the side of a mountain where he casts spells and dances magic dances in an attempt to return to his home comet, OK?

Nick Coyle is a comic genius. His aim, in his own words, is to make the gayest one-man show ever. Blue Wizard unites cheap spectacle, super camp theatre magic, song, puppetry, storytelling and highly original costume design – to tell the story of a gay alien who has to learn to live like an ordinary human being…

Blue Wizard is a brilliant act of subversion dressed up to look like a queer bimbo in an electric blue wig. The result is hilarious, but it is also an oddly moving reflection on the growing sense that time is running out for the world as we know it, and if we don’t get our act together soon, well… let’s just say there’ll be no more jizz and diamonds, and what will we ever do then?


Nick Coyle


By Nick Coyle
Dramaturg Adena Jacobs
Design Consultant Ralph Myers
Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
Composer & Sound Designer Steve Toulmin
Stage Manager Edwina Guinness





Ben Neutze | Daily Review

Blue Wizard, presented in association with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, is exactly the kind of work that should be encouraged and developed through queer festivals: a fun, camp, but genuinely moving exploration of a current queer experience, tentatively shaping its own place in history.

Cassie Tongue | Aussie Theatre