A Malthouse Theatre production presented by Company B.

“…don’t go thinking this story is about all black women, it’s just this one… it goes against everything that seems right. It’s one person’s story, but somehow it’s about everyone… Whatever my hell, I will sleep pleased in the knowledge that my grief has yours as company.”

Wesley Enoch’s second production for Company B this year tells the story of Medea. In this riveting reworking of Euripedes’ play, she is a young indigenous woman who after leaving her family and desert country behind, finds herself in a loveless partnership with the drunken and violent Jason. When Medea attempts to flee home with their young son, Jason makes her promise that she will never take the child from the house. In a breathtaking act of revenge and sacrifice, Medea kills her young child… the child that was the father’s heart.


Clive Cavanagh
Kyole Dungay
Margaret Harvey
Aaron Pederson
Justine Saunders


By Wesley Enoch after Euripides
Directed by Wesley Enoch
Set and Costume Design Christina Smith
Lighting Designer Rachel Burke
Sound Designer Jethro Woodward


This unflinching and powerful adaptation of the Euripides classic, written and directed by Wesley Enoch, has visceral impact and lasting, disturbing imagery.

Sydney Morning Herald

It is beautifully crafted, concise and utterly devastating.

State of the Arts Newsletter