Salim likes London. He got his medical degree, had an affair with a man and wrote a successful novel about it. But now Saddam Hussein’s gone and Salim’s going home to get married.

Sexy, funny and thrilling, this is life in Iraq as we never get to see it. Salim and his friends drink, love, argue, hope and tumble between escaping and succumbing as their country staggers to its feet again.

In 2005, 30-something Hassan Abdulrazzak queued with hundreds of fellow emigres in London to vote in Iraq’s first post-Hussein elections. When that great hope went belly-up, Abdulrazzak wrote his first play.


Julia Billington
Robert Mammone
Arky Michael
Yalin Ozucelik
Osamah Sami
Tahki Saul
Melanie Vallejo
Ben Winspear
Tim Walter


By Hassan Abdulrazzak
Director Geordie Brookman
Set Designer Robert Kemp
Costume Designer Pip Runciman
Lighting Designer Niklas Pajanti
Composer and Sound Designer Steve Francis
Assistant Sound Designer Jeremy Silver
Assistant Director Rowan Marchingo
Cultural Consultant Layla Naji
Stage Manager Mark Lowrey
Assistant Stage Manager Nell Ranney


The Prime Minister and his cabinet should take a brief course in political illumination. They should go to see Baghdad Wedding.

The Evening Standard, UK

Devastating… Hot theatre.

The Evening Standard

The great joy of Hassan Abdulrazzak’s remarkable dramatic debut is that it is funny as well as harrowing, and discovers glimpses of hope amid the chaos.

The Telegraph