A co-production with The Black Lung Theatre and Whaling Firm

The Black Lung Theatre and Whaling Firm are a Melbourne anti-institution that have never appeared on stage in Sydney. Davies’s brilliant text And They Called Him Mr Glamour is a pathetically hilarious tale of a man, alone on stage, desperately seeking the audience’s attention.

Davies is a true fool: intelligent, relentless, brave, and very, very funny. Mr Glamour is his one-man plea for self-respect, heroism and the right to be a hopeless idiot. The intrepid Thomas Wright (not to be confused with The Oresteia’s Tom Wright) makes his Belvoir directing debut.

Warning: this show is offensive in many different ways, and includes nudity.


Gareth Davies


By Gareth Davies
Director Thomas M. Wright
Co-designers Thomas M. Wright & Peter Trott
Lighting Designer Govin Ruben
Production Stage Manager Glenn Dulihanty



Gareth Davies is a lunatic who should be unleashed on theatre audiences as often as possible.

Jimmy Dalton | Concrete Playground