A joint production by Belvoir and the Sydney Theatre Company.

It was perhaps Patrick White’s greatest dramatic achievement and few performances on the Australian stage have been more celebrated in the last thirty years than Robyn Nevin’s glorious clown, Miss Docker.

A pint-sized Godzilla, she mows a path through suburban Sarsaprilla, looking for valency, looking to take custody, looking for somewhere to belong. She can’t get a foothold in the contented Cunstance household, is rejected by the Sundown Home for the Elderly and finally can’t even find peace in God’s house, the Church of England. Alone on the street, pummelled by the wind, she receives God’s benediction as a mangy, yellow-eyed cattle dog delivers the final bitter judgement.


Vanessa Downing
Ronald Falk
Chris Haywood
Claire Jones
Gillian Jones
Kris McQuade
Geoff Morrell
Lynne Murphy
Robyn Nevin
Rohan Nichol
Lois Ramsay
Dinah Shearing
Kerry Walker


By Patrick White
Director Neil Armfield
Designer Dale Ferguson
Composer John Rogers
Lighting Designer Nigel Levings
Sound Designer Paul Charlier
Assistant Director Rachel McDonald
Musicians Warwick Alder, Duncan Bent, Dominique Guerbois & Heather Shaw

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Production images by Heidrun Lohr


The most cohesive, poetic and illuminating production audiences are likely to see.

The Australian

Everyone has worked until their fingers bled; and the result is theatre that takes your breath away.

The Bulletin