20 Questions

Hosted by Wesley Enoch
Co-devised by Wesley Enoch & Eamon Flack

  • Venue Upstairs Theatre
  • Dates 7 April – 11 Aug 2014

    Indigenous Theatre at Belvoir supported by The Balnaves Foundation

    Every blackfella has a story.

    20 Questions is a cabaret and a talkshow rolled into one. It works like this: each night a new mystery guest from the exemplary roll-call of Indigenous performers is asked 20 questions by that great professional asker-of-good-questions Wesley Enoch. The questions are the same every night, but the answers are very different. The idea is that out of this simple set-up comes a big, rich modern dreaming of story and song – and a better understanding of how much more there is still to tell.


    Hosted by Wesley Enoch
    Co-devised by Wesley Enoch & Eamon Flack
    Design Associate Katren Wood
    Composer & Sound Designer / Operator Steve Toulmin
    Production Manager Daniel Potter
    Technical Manager Warren Sutton
    Stage Manager Isabella Kerdijk

    Jada Alberts
    Angela Betzien
    Zoë Coombs Marr
    Nick Coyle
    Tahni Froudist
    Brenna Hobson
    Adena Jacobs
    Colin Kinchela
    Anne-Louise Sarks
    Tim Spencer
    Anthea Williams


    Guest artists

    Jada Alberts
    Christine Anu
    Luke Carroll
    Jack Charles
    Ernie Dingo
    Casey Donovan
    Wesley Enoch
    Trevor Jamieson
    Rachael Maza
    David Page
    Hunter Page-Lochard
    Leah Purcell
    Wilma Reading
    Miranda Tapsell
    Ursula Yovich


    Production Images images by Gez Xavier Mansfield

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