HSC 2022-23 | Set Design & Model Making

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9.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 19 February 2023
Rehearsal Rooms
18 Belvoir Street
$150 per student
$210 per teacher (Booking fees apply)
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This is the Feb 2023 workshop. To book for HSC 2024 go to: Introduction to Set Design and Model Making


Set Design

Suitable for

  • students commencing their HSC in Term Four 2022, working towards their HSC Drama Individual Project: Design (Set)
  • Drama teachers who are looking to refresh or expand their knowledge of set design principles, scale and model making to mentor students through their projects or to design their own school productions.

Designer Katja Handt takes participants through principles and elements of theatrical set design and approaches to working on the HSC Drama IP. This workshop includes practical activities in set design, giving participants the opportunity to view a designer’s portfolio.

During the workshop participants will explore the:

  • process of designing a set for a show from the first script reading to opening night,
  • role of set design in the overall production and the director’s vision,
  • tools available to the set designer: three dimensional shape and texture,
  • how to use a floor plan, scale and a scale model.

Model Making

Designer Katja Handt leads participants in an intensely practical workshop where you will learn how to read and work with scale and how to translate a technical drawing into a 3D model.

During the workshop you will learn the:

  • basic techniques for creating shapes, textures and props in the model box,
  • how to art finish miniatures to resemble reality,
  • how to present a model box when it is finished.

Please note that you will need to bring some model making materials to this workshop.

This workshop is intended to help you create design concepts through costume theory and a practical exploration of design techniques, guided by a Belvoir artist. Artists delivering this workshop will not be providing guidance on specifics of the HSC Individual Project (IP) requirements. For information on your IP assessment requirements you should consult your teacher.


Held at Belvoir
Gadigal Country
18 Belvoir Street, Surry Hills 2010

  • To Prepare

    Participants will need:

    Participants will need:

    • sharp lead pencil
    • UHU Glue, All purpose glue
    • mechanical pencil for technical drawing for 0.5 mm lead
    • A3 size sheet of 5mm white foam board
    • tape measure (for construction not dressmaking)

    Optional, if you have it already or would like to own for your project

    • set square, a geometric square ruler
    •  scale ruler (1:20, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 ratios)
    • craft cutting knife or scalpel
    • metal ruler for cutting
    • Cutting mat

    These items available in Art Shops as well, but cheapest at Officeworks. Closer to the workshop Belvoir will also offer material packs. You can chose to request the mandatory or all items closer to the workshop.

    Add a material pack to your order below for Belvoir to provide you a material packs.
    PACK A: Includes mandatory items only (1-5 above)
    PACK B: Includes all items (1-10 above)