Set Making | Holiday Workshop (ages 13-16)

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10.00am – 1.00pm
Wednesday, 6 July 2022
At Belvoir
$65.00 per person (Booking fees apply)
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School Holiday Workshops | DESIGN

Set Making

Suitable for students in high school, ages 13 – 16 years old who have an interest in theatre, design and art.

Learn concepts of designing a theatre set through a making activity as a designer guides you through the design process and building a model box (known as a sketch model).

In this workshop you will design your own set box using upcycled materials found in your house.

Held at Belvoir
Directions and location are sent to participants via email.

TO PREPARE: Participants will need:

  • bottle of water
  • small snack/packed lunch
  • comfortable clothing you can move around in (e.g. active wear)
  • a notebook (optional)
  • lead pencil*
  • sharpener*
  • eraser*
  • coloured markers (textas) or coloured pencils*
  • ruler*
  • a glue stick*
  • tape e.g masking, cello tape, washi
  • a small cardboard box, any clean cardboard box will be suitable. Think diorama size e.g.shoe box, printer paper box.
  • thin cardboard or craft paper, any clean cardboard will do. A couple of items from your paper recycling bin will be suitable. e.g. cereal box. This will be cut or ripped up during the session.
  • (optional – only if you have it already) a small amount of plasticine or playdough or bluetac

We encourage you to source materials from your recycling for this workshop. These items will be upcycled into the project.
*If you don’t have the items marked with an asterix, Belvoir will have some of the above items available to borrow on the day.