A Message to Our Community

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Date Published:
26 Jun 2024

Belvoir has always been a place of many voices, many stories, many communities.

As our society faces growing crises and conflicts, now and in the future, the role of theatre is as complex as it has ever been. This is a time of great distress and uncertainty for many of the people who make up the broad community of Belvoir.

As a place of many voices, our ideal is for Belvoir to be welcoming for all artists, audiences, crew and staff. Despite our best efforts, we don’t always live up to that ideal. We recognise the pain and frustration that many feel at moments like this, and we extend our apologies to everyone who has felt marginalised or unwelcome at Belvoir.

But that ideal nonetheless stands. Every day we ask the people who come into our theatres, foyers, rehearsal rooms and workspaces to work and play together despite their differing, even conflicting, positions and beliefs. That is exactly what we exist for.

We will continue the hard work of listening and adapting so that Belvoir can keep doing what Belvoir does best: bringing artists and audiences together for many different kinds of stories, in the hope that many experiences, worldviews and ways of life can gather in the same time and place. That is the responsibility and privilege of theatre that we are lucky to share.

From the Artistic Director and Executive Director

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