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Date Published:
1 May 2023

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From classic to contemporary, humble to humungous, homegrown or flown in, there is something for everybody in 2023. With 3 Play Packs starting at just $152.00*, build your own season of theatre, become a part of the Belvoir family, and receive exclusive perks and offers when you become a Season Ticket Holder with Belvoir St Theatre!

2023 Productions

At What Cost?

4 MAY – 21 MAY

Boyd has been walking a tightrope for years – balancing responsibilities to Land and People with the simple business of making a living. But there’s something happening, he can sniff it in the wind. Every year more and more folk are showing up claiming to be palawa too. No one’s heard of them until now… Where has this missing mob been all these years? Are they legit? Or are they ‘tick-a-box’? Who decides? And how?

Scenes from the Climate Era

27 MAY – 25 JUN

A frog, the last of its species, starts calling for a mate, but there’s no-one to hear.
A group of friends reminisce about the last time they took a flight, before all that came to an end.
A remarkable, illuminating, shocking, wry, and sometimes inspiring piece of theatre, Scenes from the Climate Era is exactly what it says – over fifty small plays that catch the exhilaration, frustration and fascination of living in interesting times.

Miss Peony 牡丹小姐

1 JUL – 29 JUL

Lily’s grandmother was a beauty queen back in Hong Kong. She doesn’t care that times have changed, that Lily lives in a new country and a new century. She sees a granddaughter caught between worlds. So Poh Poh pushes Lily into entering the highly competitive Miss Peony, and no matter how hard Lily tries to wriggle out of it, her grandma won’t take no for an answer.
And to make matters worse, she’s a ghost.

The Weekend

5 AUG – 3 SEP

Four women have known each other for decades, and have a friendship that goes with it – good-humoured, caring, and forthright when required. But Sylvie has died, and when the remaining three come together to pack up her beach house, they find maybe they haven’t been as honest – or as good friends – as they thought.
This adaption of Charlotte Wood’s novel shows that there’s a difference between growing old, and growing wise.

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill

14 SEP – 15 OCT

It’s 1959, in a bar in South Philadelphia. It’s a bit rundown. You wouldn’t know it, but we’re in a moment of history – one of Billie Holiday’s legendary last performances. As she sings her set (and it’s the greats – ‘Taint Nobody’s Business If I Do, Strange Fruit, What a Little Moonlight Can Do, Easy Livin’, God Bless the Child, and more) she shares the story of her life – a bit risqué, humorous, political, ecstatic, tragic. Lady Day comes to the fore as she looks back on a life, on an era.

Robyn Archer: An Australian Songbook

18 OCT – 29 OCT

Robyn Archer – icon, legend of the Australian Stage, and provocateur – turns her distinctive and fearless talents to songs that describe the difficult, wonderful place that is Australia. From the music of her upbringing to increasingly complex rhythms and cadences of the present, we are taken on a journey into our beauty and our terror, through song. After this show, you’ll hear our country through very different ears.

The Master & Margarita

11 NOV – 10 DEC

An actor enters with a battered copy of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, and begins to read aloud from the opening chapter…
The story that follows is wild, joyful and magnificent. The tale unfurls from ancient Galilee to Stalin’s Moscow, via a giant talking cat, a mad novelist, a ruthless officer of the secret police… At its centre is Margarita, who has to become a witch in order to save a lost manuscript – and us all.

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